I have loved books since before I knew how to read.  My list of favorite books, however, is fairly small.  To be a favorite, a story has to be something I can read over and over without getting tired of it.

Like many people, I am often disappointed when a great book is adapted into a pathetic excuse of a movie.  Conversely, the opposite is also true: when I see an amazing movie, I want a blink-by-finger-twitch novelization that captures every devastating inflection, emotion, and riposte.

Obviously, this doesn’t usually exist.

I tried fanfiction for a while but, even though I felt like I had finally found a group of authors who wanted what I wanted, at the same time I found much of it unhealthy and frequently sickeningly perverted.  The gems were few and far between and were not worth the cost or the sifting time.

This site is my outlet for the words that can never be published.

The words that live in my head.